Bamyan, province of hope and openness

A music festival as a symbol of emerging change

After all the horrors that took place in Bamyian, the city is fast becoming the musical center of Afghanistan. As a strong signal demonstrating the nonsense of the destruction of historical monuments, concerts are held right in front of the empty site of the Buddhas.

For the second consecutive year, Bamyian is hosting the dambora festival, a traditional 2-string guitar. The music festival is open to all beginners or confirmed musicians, boys, girls, old or young … and of course to the stars.

The festival takes place this year from June 29 to 30. Thousands of fans cheer on their favorite musicians and singers, and some even sketch a few dance steps. Bamyian province is the only one in Afghanistan where women go to concerts and can freely express their joy. The festival is a symbol of an emerging change that manifests itself in times of suffering and despair.

The dambora festival is happening in an area where Nai Qala has built 6 schools and has also contributed to positive change, especially women’s empowerment. The schools of Nai Qala are just beyond the mountains!