Since 2007, the Nai Qala Association has received generous support from a range of individual private donors, institutions and governments. This is the place to express our heartfelt appreciation and recognition for their generous support and the exemplary trust they have placed in the commitment and projects of our Association.  They were touched by the engagement of the Association and by the concrete results achieved.

We have received donations from schoolchildren as well as from institutions. Among our main contributors:

  • The Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC)
  • The US Embassy (Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • The OAK Foundation (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • The Paradise Foundation (Zurich, Switzerland)
  •  The Rotary Clubs in Nyon and Geneva (Switzerland)
  • The Paléo Festival (Nyon, Switzerland)
  • Firmenich family
  • Scintillae Foundation
  • Table Ronde (Nyon, Swizerland)
  • Various Municipalities in Switzerland
  • Various Schools and schoolchildren in Switzerland
  • Women’s associations in Switzerland
  • Hundreds of individuals who contributed from 10 to 100’000 USD
  • Every year we organize a fundraising event in the Geneva Lake region of Switzerland, with a strong involvement of local communities.





An educated, healthy and balanced society for rural Afghanistan