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Newsletter November 2017

A word from the President

I have recently been to Afghanistan to visit all our NQA projects. It was truly heartwarming to see how our projects are progressing. There is a really positive spirit in our partnerships with local communities in one of the most remote regions of central Afghanistan. 

It is simply amazing to think that we have been engaged in those remote regions for 10 years. Even more remarkable is that members of the communities have a more positive outlook on life; they have hopes and ambitions for themselves and they realize that their lives have a value. Their hopes give us hope for the future of NQA.

Our school construction in the village of Sokhtagi is going according to plan. Our early childhood development program is becoming a feature in the villages as people recognize its importance.

I am very proud that NQA is privileged to lead these important projects for these poor and deprived communities, giving them hope and opportunities for a different future. This would not have been possible without your support and belief in our work. 

I would like to thank you very much for your trust and encouragement.

Taiba Rahim,

President of the Nai Qala Association 


Learning is fun

One of the most important objectives of early childhood education program is that from a very early age, all children -boys and girls - learn how to play together... continue reading


Work in progress at Sokhtagi

To see the progress in construction, Nai Qala's President attended a site meeting last October. She was able to see... continue reading


2007-2017: 10 years of changes

In 2017, Nai Qala is celebrating a decade of activity in remote areas of the provinces of Bamyan and Ghazni. Nai Qala Association has been contributing to creating hope... continue reading


Enabling entrance to university

After the successful capacity-building project at Zeera Gag, Nai Qala has carried out its tutoring program in the village... continue reading


Training for Nai Qala staff 

Every year Nai Qala supports its staff in their professional development by sending them on training courses relevant to their responsibilities... continue reading


Book March 1, 2018 in your agenda

An event in Geneva presenting pictures made by a professional photographer. 

More details to follow...

A big thank you to the 120 participants of Nai Qala dinner.  The funds raised have already been committed to the construction of the school at Sokhtagi.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to the success of this wonderful evening!


An educated, healthy and fair society where women and men together lead social and cultural change in an inclusive manner allowing children to thrive, in particular in traditionally neglected rural regions


To improve access to education and health, for and through local communities, to foster change through sustainable development of rural Afghanistan

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