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A word from the President

Dear friend, 

During my recent trip to Afghanistan, I had a beautiful experience and wanted to share it with you. 

I met 4-year old Roya (dream in Persian), a girl attending our Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes, and accompanied her on her way home. When we arrived, I was deeply moved to see her with her parents, her two younger sisters and baby brother. They live in an incredibly modest mountain cottage, with very few means of their own. 

A weak light was burning in a small oil lamp and I could see in the faces of Roya’s parents the marks left by a very tough life. Yet, I also saw a different light glowing in the room. Roya was singing a song learned at our ECD classes, which filled the little home with a shimmer of happiness. I saw genuine pride and joy in the eyes of her parents.

Roya’s father and mother described how their little daughter was influencing their lives. Not only can she already read and write, but she is inspiring her family to pay attention to hygiene or to greet everyone in the village, as well as other basic human values.

I was very proud to see the impact of our ECD program and would be grateful if you would join us in expanding it. Let us help more boys and girls in these remote and isolated villages to build a different future. Together, we can help more Royas reach their dreams.

I wish you a very happy Christmas feast and new happy year 2018!

Taiba Rahim,

President of the Nai Qala Association

Roya, 4 years old, recognizes the letters and writes her name with great motivation.

The children of Nai Qala enjoy the new class of early childhood education: they feel safe, play together, are encouraged, feel inspired, realize their dreams, develop their personality and gain confidence for their future.


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How much does it cost?

- one year salary for one teacher: 2'190 USD

- material for the class : 735 USD

- teacher training and project monitoring: 735 USD


- 3'660 USD the total cost for a class, per school year

- 183 USD the annual cost per child

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Razeya, mother of 2 young children:

"I am very happy to come to the class where my 2 children are coming every day. I cannot believe to see my 4 years old girl and 3 years old boy how they read and write already at such young age. I am impressed to see them playing in such a positive and clean environment with other children. I see them how they are learning playing together and developing their personalities. Since my children attend this ECD class, they are very different. They say hello to everybody, wash their hand regularly, especially before and after food"

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