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Newsletter February 2018

A word from the President

I recently visited Afghanistan again. I was privileged to sit with local community groups, men and women, in the remote mountain villages for maybe the fiftieth time since NQA was formed. It was just remarkable to see how these meetings have evolved in the past 10 years.

My first meetings were usually with men only. But today it's impressive to see how community meetings have men and women discussing together and sharing responsibility for the decisions. They don't do this to please me; it's a custom they have adopted after working with NQA.


How did this change come about? It's because NQA brought them concrete projects that involved them from the start. This gave them a reason to work together in an inclusive manner for a common benefit. They also gain confidence from seeing me, an Afghan woman, heading an organization that manages complex projects in challenging environment.

In autumn 2017, women in Sokhtagi village, where we have a school construction under way, created a "Women's Council Association". This is a first not only in their village but even in the province of Bamyan. A few weeks ago I joined the women of Sokhtagi who were discussing the statutes and choosing committee members of their new association. I was moved to see that the leading women, who cannot read or write, have engaged Sokhtagi school girls as secretary and treasurer.

My biggest joy is to have been able to accompany these isolated communities in their search for a better future. To see men and women learn together, discovering their abilities and building their self-confidence, is a beautiful experience. I am truly grateful for this and I am thankful to all who have believed in me and have supported my commitment to these people.

Taiba Rahim, 

President of the Nai Qala  Association

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Community engagement

Inspired by the community infrastructures that are provided to them, local communities feel empowered and more engaged.

During Autumn 2017, the... continue reading


Nai Qala contributes to the development of the local economy

Nai Qala provides the poorest populations with an income by hiring local  helpers when building community infrastructures... continue reading


Mothers love the early childhood program

Mothers are enthusiastic about the early childhood education program.

Mothers whose sons and daughters attend the early childhood program are impressed... continue reading

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Women take the lead

Inspired by the example of the founder and president of the Nai Qala Association, the women of Sokhtagi have created a women’s council ... continue reading

See for yourselves Nai Qala Association’s activities in Afghanistan. Come and join us in Geneva from March 1st to the 18th.

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Between March 1st and March 18th, 2018, Nai Qala is honored to showcase on the Geneva lake quays, by the "Rotonde du Mont-Blanc".

The photo exhibition will give the public the photographer Haris Coussidis's view on the activities of the association in Afghanistan.

Free admission


An educated, healthy and fair society where women and men together lead social and cultural change in an inclusive manner allowing children to thrive, in particular in traditionally neglected rural regions


To improve access to education and health, for and through local communities, to foster change through sustainable development of rural Afghanistan

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