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Newsletter March 2018

A word from the President

The month of March has been a very special month for the Nai Qala Association. We had the privilege of holding an exhibition in the city of Geneva of photos taken by Ms. Haris Coussidis showing Nai Qala's work in the central regions of Afghanistan. These photos are a symbol of hope and a better future.

During the winter, while the construction of Sokhtagi School and the early childhood education program are suspended due to cold weather and snow, and the children are on holiday, our capacity building program continues to run very actively.

The very brave Nai Qala teachers have been in the village of Zeera Gag since December and they will stay there until the beginning of April at temperatures of under – 10 to 20 degrees. They teach from 8:00 to 16:00 every day. Over 150 girls and boys attend courses on Maths, Physics and Chemistry. Each day those girls and boys walk one hour in the cold weather of icy mountainous paths, to reach the village and one hour to return home.


What keeps their mind motivated and their hearts warm?

Well, it’s the hope for a different future. How can they change their current difficult lives? They know it’s a long journey, but it has to start at some moment. They are the ones who are taking such an important first step for their communities and families.

We all would like to congratulate all these courageous boys and girls and wish to tell them that we are all proud to be part of their struggle and efforts.

Taiba Rahim, 

President of the Nai Qala Association 

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Capacity building

What is actually capacity building? Capacity building is a program that Nai Qala has initiated with governmental approval. The program aims at improving student learning by providing extra courses on specific subjects.... continue reading


The impact of tutoring classes

The capacity building course creates new perspectives for students in remote villages and allows parents to make substantial savings. Aqela, 12th... continue reading


Be a source of inspiration

Former students from Nai Qala schools are now teacher trainers and a source of inspiration for current students To start the... continue reading

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Thanks to Nai-Qala, girls can benefit from capacity-building course during the winter

For the duration of the winter capacity building course, some girls are living in host families’homes.  In mid-December, Nai Qala teacher-trainers... continue reading

In March, many of you attended the events in Geneva related to the photography exhibition of the activities of the Nai Qala Association in Geneva this March. Your presence and your messages warmed our hearts.
If you missed the exhibition, click here for a catch up session.
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Under the auspices of a rather capricious weather, Nai Qala was present in photographs on the lakeside in Geneva, from March 5th to 25th, 2018. The exhibition was launched with a press conference, opened by a debate and covered by Swiss and foreign media.

The exhibition presented the public with the independent photographer, Haris Coussidis's view on Nai Qala's activities in Afghanistan. 


An educated, healthy and fair society where women and men together lead social and cultural change in an inclusive manner allowing children to thrive, in particular in traditionally neglected rural regions


To improve access to education and health, for and through local communities, to foster change through sustainable development of rural Afghanistan

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