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Fall 2017 Newsletter

Welcome to this first edition of Nai Qala Association's Newsletter

For the past 10 years the Nai Qala Association has helped create hope and opportunity in 

remote communities in Afghanistan.

In these communities we saw not hopelessness and despair but dignity and determination. We believed in people’s abilities and we worked together to build eight schools for over 9000 boys and girls and a clinic for a population of 20,000 in one of the most isolated regions of the country. 

These projects succeeded because we built trust with the people, because the people in turn had confidence in our ability to help them realize their aspirations, and because our partners and donors placed trust in us. It was like growing flowers in the desert. 

Projects are continuing! You will find below a small overview of our current activities.

Taiba Rahim,

President of Nai Qala Association


ECD classes have started

New engagement, new horizon of hope:  Early Childhood Development Education (pre-school education) 

Over the past 10 years, the Nai Qala... continue reading


ECD simple hygiene measures

Simple hygiene measures need to become routine. 

Children learn how to wash their hands before going back to class. They will... continue reading


Capacity building

200 students from Zeera Gag school have benefited from tutorial classes during 3 month, January-April 2017. This capacity building project... continue reading


Sokhtagi School

Construction just started! Villagers rented a caterpillar and prepared the field so that construction could start. It is expected that the... continue reading


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An educated, healthy and just society where women and men together lead social and cultural change in an inclusive manner allowing children to thrive, in particular in traditionally neglected rural regions


To improve access to education and health, for and through local communities, to foster change through sustainable development of rural Afghanistan

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