2018 – Sokhtagi

Sokhtagi village, Yakawlang district, Bamyan province

A complete new school with 16 rooms for over 530 students (mostly girls), and  teachers which include:

  • 8 classrooms, 4 teachers’ rooms, 1 computer room, 1 laboratory room, 2 store rooms
  • Equipped with proper benches and tables, and furniture for the teachers’ rooms,
  • One library with hundreds of books
  • One toilet block and a proper garbage collection system.
  • A volleyball field and surrounding wall.

Started in September 2017, the work of construction was suspended in November due to snow and extreme cold. The school is inaugurated in August 2018.

Opening day / Inauguration
Science room / Salle de science
IT Room / Salle d'informatique
Solar panel / panneau solaire
Library / bibliothèque
Sanitation block / Bloc sanitaire
Classroom / une classe

An educated, healthy and inclusive society for rural Afghanistan