Any donation, whether big or small, helps towards fulfilling our vision to give thousands of children a chance of improved access to health care, good education and a fair start to a better future.

Donations by Credit Card (PayPal)

Click on the button below to use your credit card to make a donation.

Donations from Switzerland

By Bulletin de versement: Please use the following details


By bank transfer: Please use the following details:

Bank details: UBS, Rue de la Morâche, 1260 Nyon, (Clearing No. 228)

IBAN: CH66 0022 8228 5702 1701 N

Donations in Switzerland are tax exempt, given the charitable character of our association. We are happy to provide you with a donation tax certificate, just let us know by email.

International donations by bank transfer

For international bank transfer, please use the following account details:

IBAN: CH66 0022 8228 5702 1701 N (for donations in CHF)

IBAN: CH78 0022 8228 5702 1761 F (for donations in USD or other currencies)


Donations by domestic bank transfer, in Afghanistan

Nai Qala Association Bank Account:    021104020002519 (for donations in USD)
Nai Qala Association Bank Account:    021104010003136 (for donations in Afghani)
Bank Name: FMFB
Kabul – Afghanistan



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