Welcome to Nai Qala

A message from the president,

Years of war have dispossessed Afghanistan of the ability to formulate its own identity and shape the common destiny of its people.

I am convinced that the future of Afghanistan lies in Afghan hands. The solution to our current problems cannot and will not come from outside. While the solidarity and support from abroad will remain important, it is time for Afghans to confront their problems, to address their divisions and envisage home-grown solutions.

I am an Afghan and in 2007 I founded the Nai Qala Association to honour the vision of my father who left his isolated village in the centre of Afghanistan, where he was a shepherd, and took his family to town to ensure that his sons and daughters would go to school and study.

My engagement is based on the determination to take that vision a step further and provide proper education and health-care delivery to communities in some of the most remote and neglected regions of the country. THIS IS A CONCRETE WAY OF IMPROVING THE RESPECT FOR FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS IN MY COUNTRY.

My hope is to contribute to a different image of Afghanistan – an image of engagement and achievement – and to convey the fact that Afghans have the same hopes and aspirations as all other people in the world: we are in search of respect and a better future.

Taiba Rahim
President of Nai Qala Association



An educated, healthy and balanced society for rural Afghanistan