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A message from the president

Years of war have dispossessed Afghanistan of the ability to formulate its own identity and shape the common destiny of its people.

I am convinced that the future of Afghanistan lies in Afghan hands. The solution to our current problems cannot and will not come from outside. While the solidarity and support from abroad will remain important, it is time for Afghans to confront their problems, to address their divisions and envisage home-grown solutions.

Taiba Rahim,
Founder and president of Nai Qala Association

Priority areas


We improve learning conditions by building and equipping schools, and by providing quality education program to children from preschool to higher education.

We work on the root causes of low/no attendance of children, in particular girls, to education by remedying to the absence of decent learning conditions and by preventing drop out.


We promote health and hygiene practices in our education programs.
We built a basic health care clinic and we include WASH facilites in the schools we build.

We improve the health conditions of thousands of people by providing access to health services and increasing hygiene and health awareness.

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