2010 – Gawmurda

A third school completed! 2010

Nai Qala Association successfully carried out a third school construction project in the village of Gawmurda, one of the hamlets of Qara Bagh district, in the Ghazni Province. The school was finalized in October 2010.

Project Impact

The primary objective of the project was to build an entirely new school in the village of Gawmurda and to significantly raise the motivation and self-respect of the children, as well as that of their teachers, bringing a positive impact on their lives, families and communities. The construction of the school aimed to provide improved conditions of study for approximately 400 students, boys and girls. Compared with the previously existing situation, the school intended in particular to allow an important number of girls to have better access to education, based on an instruction from the Ministry of Education fixing the number of class rooms at 8. This was to allow sufficient space for girls and boys to study.

The project has had the following main impact:

  • The project was completed and furnished in early September 2010, 5 weeks after the initially planned deadline. The reason for this short delay lies in the extreme difficulties of access to this remote region, in paricular in view of the delicate security conditions and very poor road conditions. -The project was completed within the foreseen budget frame.
  • The children are now sitting inside, on proper benches, with proper tables.
  • The Ministry of Education, in view of the quality of the school, formally upgraded the Gawmurda school from primary education only, to include secondary education as well.
  • The initial number of 400 pupils will be surpassed. Families in the region that had previously not sent their children to study are now inscribing their sons and daughters to attend. The number of students is expected to rise further in view of the motivation generated by the building of the school.


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