2014 – Asef Mael

Asef Mael hygiene project for 8,000 girls and boys – 6th district – Kabul – 2014

To improve hygiene and sanitation conditions in the Asef Mael school, built in 2011 and located in one of the most populated areas of Kabul (6th district), Nai Qala Association in 2014 built toilet facilities.

The assessment carried out by the Nai-Qala Association identified a specific problem that should be addressed to improve the conditions of learning for the children, in particular for girls. Specifically, the poor conditions of hygiene resulting from the lack of proper toilets at the school are having a series of negative consequences.

Before / Avant
After / Après

In particular, young girls face severe problems resulting from the absence of toilets. There is no place for them to go when in need. Neighboring homes were an option but families are now reluctant to allow dozens of girls to use their homes and toilets. As a result, girls come to school without eating or drinking, out of fear of not finding a place when they need to use a restroom.

There are many instances of girls fainting or negatively affecting their health by holding back for hours. This is not only bad for their health but clearly negative in terms of quality of learning and school attendance. The Nai-Qala Association assessed this issue to be a major factor in explaining specific limitations for girls in accessing education and a factor in their health concerns. The absence of toilets means the environment is not conducive for study and detrimental in terms of hygiene.

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