Our Vision

An educated, healthy and balanced society in which women and men lead social, cultural and economic changes in an inclusive manner that enables their children – boys and girls – to thrive, focusing on neglected parts of Afghanistan.

There is hope today in Afghanistan and it comes from the commitment of Afghan women and men who believe in change and a better future for their country.

The Nai Qala Association was founded in 2007 by Ms. Taiba Rahim, driven by the vision of her father who was determined that all his sons and daughters should study.

Our Association is dedicated to the advancement of education and health in remote and neglected regions of Afghanistan, with a specific focus on and commitment towards women and girls. Our vision is based on the determination to strengthen the dignity, self confidence and sense of initiative of the population and of women in particular. Improved access to education and health is A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT AND crucial to move beyond poverty, exclusion, humiliation and discrimination.

Our projects have already made a huge difference for thousands of boys and girls in very remote regions of central Afghanistan. As the international community withdraws from the country, it is time for Afghan women and men to take increasing responsibility. We must be confident in our ability to lead the reconstruction of our country. However difficult the task ahead our Association is determined to be part of shaping Afghanistan’s future.


An educated, healthy and inclusive society for rural Afghanistan