Training Teacher Program

Improving the quality of education provided in the schools we have built.

Overall, the quality of education in Afghanistan in particular in the rural areas is very low. Some schools have no buildings, meaning that students are taught outside, sitting on the ground in all weathers. Many young people give up school altogether. To remedy this, Nai Qala Association’s construction projects have provided school buildings in a number of villages.

The objective of the present project is to improve dramatically the quality of education and learning at schools in remote parts of Qara Bagh district in Ghazni province.

Project outline

  • Goal: Teacher training to improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Target Schools: 4 schools (3 of them built by NQA between 2008 and 2010 in Nai Qala, Sada and Gawmurda), Qara Bagh district – Province of Ghazni
  • Area: a catchment area of 32 villages with a total population of 10,000 with 1550 students (900 boys and 650 girls).
  • Target of this teacher training: 20 teachers and those students undergoing preparation for university (80 students, 46 girls and 34 boys) + 420 students for additional study to strengthen their capacity.
  • Program duration: 6 months, May to end of October 2016
  • Number of trainers: 3 teachers paid by NQA, plus one community-based support person
  • Taught subjects: Math, physics and chemistry

This new project will support the local community, with a new approach for developing local capacities.

An educated, healthy and balanced society for rural Afghanistan