Training Teacher Program

The low quality of education in the country’s remote rural areas is a constant concern

The main reasons for this problem are the shortage of professional teachers, the lack of teaching materials and the inappropriate classroom environments. Despite the progress made in building teachers’ capacities, more than half of them do not meet the required qualifications and pedagogical skills, which is considered a major challenge for quality education in Afghanistan.

Since 2016 Nai Qala has been supporting in-service teacher training projects in schools built by the Association. For 3 years, Nai Qala has hired teachers as tutors and trainers. These qualified people had a different profile and played a specific role in comparison to public teachers. They not only gave tutoring courses to students on scientific subjects but also gave advice to the state teachers they supervised in strengthening their knowledge, spending the winter months in the various schools built by Nai Qala.

During the winter of 2018-2019, Nai Qala once again supported the quality of education through a new project. This program, organized in partnership with a French NGO, aimed at improving language and basic science skills, as well as the pedagogical skills of about ten teachers from Dewan and Safed Ghaow schools. Thanks to this program, more than 750 students from these two schools will benefit from better learning conditions.

Achieving quality education is the foundation of sustainable development, which is why increasing the number of qualified teachers remains one of  Nai Qala’s priority objectives, in line with the sustainable development goals of the UN and those of the Ministry of Education.

An educated, healthy and inclusive society for rural Afghanistan