Enabling entrance to university (2)

After the successful project of capacity building of Zeera Gag, Nai Qala has carried its tutoring program in the village of Tagab Barg.

Tagab Barg school has a positive impact on the life in the village and is a reward for the community who continues to be supportive of their girls’ education.

First step of Nai Qala’s objective for Tagab Barg– to provide over 600 girls with basic education in a proper environment – had been achieved but we needed to provide additional support with enhanced education, to help these students develop their skills and find job opportunities. In practical terms, we have returned to the location with a dedicated set of tuition courses to help  students reach higher mark and prepare for the Kankor examination. Over 182 teenagers (120 girls and 62 boys)  registered to this course.

Amena: 12th grade, 16 years old, Tagab Barg school: receiving the course material from NQA for the preparation course of the national examination to attend the university:

“I am coming from one of the village of Tagab Barg’s region. From my family we are 4 coming to school, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. We are very much encouraged by our parents and community. I am very excited to attend such a course to allow me go further for my education. My dream is to become journalist. I believe through communication and awareness I can help my community who lives in isolation. … Through media I can keep my community aware what is going on beyond our isolated village, and the same time bring the voice of my people to the world that we exist and we have dreams and ambition”.

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