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Winter break for preschoolers

After 6 months of activity, both early childhood education classes are enjoying a well-deserved winter break. Temperatures in the region of Nai Qala are well below zero degrees and snow has appeared.During the past semester, children of Nai Qala have made remarkable progress. They have not only learned how to recognize and write the letters of the Dari (Farsi) alphabet, and to count until 50 but they have developed new social skills through playing and doing artistic activities.

Thanks to this pilot project, 36 girls and boys listened to stories, drew, painted, and developed their imagination. All together, they participated in games that boosted their self-confidence and stimulated the development of their personality.

The children of Nai Qala have enjoyed the new class of early childhood education. They have been encouraged, felt inspired, realized their dreams and can now apprehend the future more serenely.

Creating job opportunities

Zewar is teaching the alphabet to a 5 year old girl

Zewar graduated from the school in Nai Qala in 2012 and she studied at the university for four years. Now she is back in her village and she’s leading the early childhood education program for youngsters. Zewar is proud of her role and speaks with love and patience. She received special training in early childhood education with the support of Agha Khan Foundation in Kabul.

Zewar understands the importance of the early childhood education program to the children of her region. She and her colleague, who also went to university thanks to the education received in a Nai Qala school, know that children need more than just reading and writing.

Learning is fun

One of the most important objectives of early childhood education program is that from a very early age, all children – boys and girls – learn how to play together as a normal habit. Playing together develop their imagination  and allow them to inspire each other.

The early childhood education program is designed to provide an expanded range of experiences for young children helping them to develop skills and form attitudes that will enable them to make good use of learning opportunities both within the class and later formal education.

The little boy seems to think he could get some inspiration from the castle built by his young colleague …

ECD classes have started

New engagement, new horizon of hope:  Early Childhood Development Education (pre-school education).

Over the past 10 years, the Nai Qala Association (NQA) has built schools in regions where children had never even seen a school building. We believe in strengthening their dignity by ensuring that children learn in proper conditions.

Now we are adding a new dimension to our engagement: we are now providing Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes to improve the quality of education for young children aged 5-6 years in the regions where we have built schools.

Dignity through quality learning facilities and quality education is the way forward in rural Afghanistan which accounts for more than 80% of the country’s population.

The ECD program helps children to develop their imagination, talents and confidence at a very young age.

2 pilot ECD classes have started in July