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2007-2017: 10 years of changes

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In 2017, Nai Qala is celebrating a decade of activity in remote areas of the provinces of Bamyan and Ghazni. For the past 10 years, Nai Qala has been contributing to creating hope and opportunity in isolated communities.

To date, Nai Qala has successfully completed 10 projects, including the construction of eight schools for over 8000 students (70% girls and 30% boys) and a health clinic in a population of 50 000 people,.

Over 500 teachers are now teaching in decent conditions and are hired and paid by the State. The Nai Qala’s construction projects created job opportunities for 700 people in villages where there are few opportunities for employment.

These projects succeeded because we built trust with the people, because the people in turn had confidence in our ability to help them realize their aspirations, and because our partners and donors placed their trust in us.

It is amazing to think that the organization has been engaged in these remote regions for 10 years. It is even more remarkable that members of the communities have a more positive outlook on life; they have hopes and ambitions for themselves and they realize that their lives have a value. Their hopes give us motivation and hope for the future of Nai Qala.

Training for staff

Every year Nai Qala supports its staff in their professional development by sending them on training courses relevant to their responsibilities.

In August 2017, Mr. Ali Reza successfully completed a 6-day course on organizational development and leadership in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Congratulations!

After the course, Mr. Ali Reza said: “I am sure it is a good and right investment because human resources are the most important resource in an organization and the organization’s success depends on its human resources“.

In 2016 and 2017 local Nai Qala employees participated in more than 25 courses, offering capacity-building in a wide selection of subjects such as advocacy, human resource management, monitoring and evaluation, human rights, English language skills, hygiene, finance, pedagogy, and training in both Early Childhood Education and Community-Based Education.

In order to strengthen organizational capacity, Nai Qala’s president attended and successfully completed a “Future Leaders Program” course held at Wolfson College, Oxford (England) and got a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Modern Management for Non-Profit Organizations, held at Geneva University (Switzerland).