Thoughts for Women’s Day

Some thoughts about the International Women’s Day by Taiba Rahim, president of the Nai Qala Association

On the 8th of March, millions of people across the world celebrated International Women’s Day. While this was also the case in previous decades, celebrations used to be limited to a few big cities in Afghanistan but now, it is a country-wide phenomenon, including rural areas.

On this day a beautiful memory about my mother also comes to my mind. She was just as courageous as my father.  45 years ago, she was honored by the local municipality and received a prize for having ensured that her 5 sons and 4 daughters went to school; this was very rare in Afghanistan at the time. 

I never forget her humility when receiving a flower bouquet and a silver brooch. This made me proud and inspired me as a young girl. Years later I founded the Nai Qala Association with a focus on the education of young girls. We are contributing to this change of culture and awareness. 

Although many challenges remain, more girls now go to school in Afghanistan, more women are pursuing careers and more men are aware of the important role of women in society. They stand more strongly beside their sisters, mothers and wives. 

I am very proud to be witnessing such a change and let us hope that this day will bring more awareness and contribute to a deeper understanding of the role of women in our society. It has always been an honor and privilege to observe and be part of such a change!